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My Story

I've suffered with acne, eczema, and very sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. Going to the dermatologist and being prescribed strong creams or ointments to try and manage my acne and dark spots, began in high school and continued well into my 40s. So much time and money was spent and in all of those years, but nothing truly helped. Most of the products did more harm than good. 

My hair was always healthy, at least from the standard that I understood. Relaxers were my go to for making my hair "easier to manage". One day I really took a long look at the condition of my hair. It was limp and lifeless. My hair only grew to my shoulders before it began breaking off. My edges were definitely present, but I was seeing more and more scalp. 

I couldn't find a single product on the market that met my needs regarding my skin or hair. I was sick of it. At that moment, I was divinely inspired to create Ella Eloise Natural. I quit chemicals cold turkey. I began researching and blending ingredients to meet my skin and hair needs. I developed acne soap, facial cremes, moisturizers, hair oils, and hair butters. I only used my blends. As my coils and curly hair began growing out, I cut off the relaxed hair bit by bit. It looked crazy to have thick and lush hair growing out but stringy limp hairs on the ends, but before I knew it all of the relaxed hair was gone and  I was embracing a head full of natural curls. Beautiful curls!! My skin was nearly clear of blemishes and glowing!

I realized wow it worked, and I have to share Ella Eloise Natural products with others!


Ella Eloise Natural encourages everyone to care for yourself in the simplest, most natural ways possible. Every day! Ella means beautiful, light. Eloise means healthy, famous warrior. Natural means good, wholesome.


Ella Eloise Natural offers you hand crafted products, using nature’s finest ingredients, to nourish everything you were born with. We use high quality, 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients to create products that heal and protect without the harmful effects of chemicals.


Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Care for yourself from the inside out by considering the things you feed your mind, body, and spirit.

We hope every time you use Ella Eloise Natural you feel the energies of peace, love, and joy. It is our hope that you are inspired to make time in every day to be kind to yourself.

Be Well ❤

Ella Eloise Natural

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