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Everyone is on a journey...

The journey to the finish line begins with a brave first step.

- Ella Eloise Natural

It can be incredibly intimidating to start something new. We get the vision of what we want to achieve. We research strategies on achieving the goal. Then we take a deep breath and go for it! Sometimes we see it all the way through, but most times the intensity fizzles out. Be honest, how many times have you made a new year's resolution to lose weight? I know it's a cliché example, but isn't it relatable? Over the years I've been shown the importance of self love and care more times than I care to admit, but somehow I didn't grasp it. It wasn't until recent months that I finally learned the lesson of making myself a priority.

Consistently making myself a priority. If I won't make time to be good to myself, am I really being good to everyone else? Ever heard the saying "you can't pour into others from an empty cup"? This is the realest thing I've ever heard.

What is on your journey? Whatever it is, you can definitely achieve it. Whether it's carving out 10 mins a day to sit and meditate for a healthy mind, or 30 mins of cardio a few times a week for a healthy body, or even developing a hair and skin care regimen to care for your temple CAN do it. Take the brave first step, and if Ella Eloise Natural has anything that can help you along your path, all the better.

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