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From dry and brittle to alive and thriving!

My name is Mattie. For as long as I can remember my hair has been thick and healthy. I started noticing lots of split ends and breakage. No matter what products I used, my hair stayed dry, brittle, and continued to break off. One day I was asked to commit to trying some products from Ella Eloise Natural for 6 months. Use only Ella Eloise Natural products. Almost 3 years later I am still only using Ella Eloise Natural. My hair is soft and supple, it has come back to life! On top of that, it has grown tremendously! I won't use anything else, these products really work wonders.

Note from EEN:

This very satisfied customer is enjoying approximately 2 years and 7 months of growth! She began using Ella Eloise Natural products before they were available to the general public for purchase!! :-)

She consistently uses:

* Natural Growth and Strength Oil

* Ginger 5 Leave in/ Deep Conditioner

* Flax seed Strengthening Gel

* Thirst Quenching Hair Silk

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