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Truly caring for my hair

Updated: May 8, 2021


It started as a little thinning that progressed over time. One day I decided I was going to truly care for my hair and really put in the effort to regrow my thin edges.

The success I've had is remarkable! I'm so pleased!

Note from EEN:

This success story has been

re-growing her trouble spot since the end of June 2020!!

Her diligence and patience has paid off! The most current picture is from October 3, 2020!

Here is what she consistently uses:

  • No. 21 Follicle Booster

  • Natural Growth and Strength Oil

  • Thirst Quenching Hair Silk

  • Ginger 5 Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Simply Clean Organic Shampoo –she used this product during the testing phases before it was released to the public-

  • Flaxseed Strengthening Gel

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