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1- 4 oz Clean and Clear Cleansing Mask

1- Applicator Brush

1- 4 oz Acne Blasting Tumeric Bar

1- 4oz Ultra Light Moisturizing Body Oil

Acne Blast Away

$54.00 Regular Price
$40.50Sale Price

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  • Acne Blasting Bar

    Blast away stubborn acne and reveal clear and radiant skin 

    • Eliminate acne  
    • Use everyday to even skin tone 
    • Remove oil without stripping skin 
    • Contains Omega 3 rich chia which helps to heal irritated blemish wounds and protects the outer layer of skin from bacteria
    • The anti-inflammatory properties found in Turmeric helps remove old blemish scars and prevent new ones from forming 

    Directions: Lather in palms and wash face. Rinse and pat dry with clean towel.

    Clean and Clear Cleansing Mask

    This relaxing treatment will leave your skin refreshingly clean! The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits of turmeric and the omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed are a combination that can't be beat.

    • Hydrates the innermost layers of skin
    • Fight blemishes and discoloration
    • Reduces inflammation and puffiness

    Directions: Cleanse skin and pat dry with clean towel. Use the applicator brush or clean hands, apply approx. half dollar amount to face and neck areas. Avoid sensitive eye areas. Allow mask to dry for 15-30 min. Rinse mask off with warm water, and finish with a cold water rinse, pat dry.

    Ultra Light Moisturizing Body Oil

    This fragrance free, super light face/beard/scalp/body oil is supreme in simple moisture anytime you need it.

    Help relieve minor skin inflammation due to dryness.

    Directions: For face- Apply a few drops to palms and rub into face and neck. For beard, scalp and body- Apply as desired.

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