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Blast away stubborn acne and reveal clear and radiant skin 

  • Eliminate acne  
  • Use everyday to even skin tone 
  • Remove oil without stripping skin 
  • Contains Omega 3 rich chia which helps to heal irritated blemish wounds and protects the outer layer of skin from bacteria
  • The anti-inflammatory properties found in Turmeric helps remove old blemish scars and prevent new ones from forming 


Acne Blasting Bar

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  • Help your body flush out pore cloging impurities by drinking at least the recommended daily amount of water.

    For a super strong acne punch, include our purity bar in your face washing routine.

    Ingredients: Goat's milk base, turmeric, freshly ground chia seeds, tamanu, avocado, rosehip oil, rosemary, lavender

    Directions: Lather in palms and wash face. Rinse and pat dry with clean towel.

    Free from Phthalates, Dyes, Artificial Fragrance, PEGs & Parabens. Animal-friendly.

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