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This revitalizing cream helps rejuvenate tired puffy eyes and lessen fine lines.

  • Easily remove eye makeup
  • Refresh delicate skin around eyes
  • Excellent for sun damaged skin

Gracefully aging 2 in 1 eye cream

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  • Soft, suple skin begins from the inside out. Be sure to include at least the recommened daily amount of water in your diet. Always protect your skin from harmful uv rays.

    Perfect for mature, dry, or sun damaged skin. May be used underneath our Lavender Moisturizing Face and Body Cream, Naturally You Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer, or your favorite moisturizer. 

    Directions: Cleanse skin with your favorite Ella Eloise Natural facial bar and pat dry with clean cloth. Moisturize skin with the Naturally You or Lavender moisturizing face cream. Then, pick up a pea size amount of eye cream on your finger and rub fingertips together and apply it on around the orbital bone, from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area. Rub the eye cream until it's absorbed. A little goes a long way. Reduce amount of product if necessary.

    For removing eye makeup- with clean hands gently apply a pea size of product to both eyes and brow areas in a circular motion, use a cotton ball/pad to remove makeup. 

    Ingredients: Unrefined African Shea Butter, unrefined coconut oil, almond oil, colloidal silver, lavender essential oil, rosemary oil, geranium essential oil, rosehip essential oil, lemon essential oil, sweet pea essential oil, bees wax 

    Free from Phthalates, Dyes, Artificial Fragrance, PEGs & Parabens. 

    Disclaimer: Due to the natural properties of the ingredients, our creams containing coconut and shea butter may crystalize in cold temperatures, and melt in warm temperatures. This does not affect the performance of the product in any way. Please store your product in a cool, dry place.

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