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1- 4oz Purity Bar

1- 4 oz Be Well Detox Mask

1- Applicator Brush

1- 4 oz Lavender Moisturizing Face Cream


Purity Clear Complexion

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  • Purity Bar

    With the super gentle exfoliating power of activated charcoal

    • antimicrobial properties help prevent skin infections
    • unclog pores and remove dead skin cells
    • balance out oily skin

    Directions: Lather in palms and wash face/body. Rinse and pat dry 

    with clean towel. 

    Be Well Detoxifying Clay Mask

    This detox mask will leave your skin feeling clean and pure thanks to the powerhouse combo of

    • Rhassoul clay
    • Activated Charcoal
    • Ginger rootBeet root
    • Turmeric

    With regular use you will draw out impurities, fight aging, improve elasticity, and even skin tone!

    Directions: Mix 1 tablespoon of mask base in a small plastic, wooden, or glass bowl, with 1/2 tablespoon of water to make a paste. Mix with a mask brush or with clean fingertips. Add more water as needed to reach the paste consistency.  Spread the paste over your entire face with the mask brush or fingertips and neck (optional) avoiding sensitive eye areas. You may experience a cool tingling sensation as the product works through the detoxification process. Allow to work 15-30 minutes before washing with warm water. Follow up with a cold water rinse to seal in moisture. 

    Lavender Moisturizing Face Cream

    This lush moisturizer is ideal for all skin types. Enriched with pure unrefined African shea butter, and infused with cell regenerating oils, this moisturizer glides on for long-lasting softness.

    • Encourages the regeneration of epidermal surface lipids
    • Helps to improve skin texture
    • Combat eczema
    • Promote the healing of dry, itchy, and inflamed skin

    Directions: Cleanse skin with your favorite Ella Eloise Natural cleanser and pat dry with clean cloth.  Warm and activate a pea size amount in palms. Apply to face/neck. Skin should feel moisturized but not greasy. Reduce amount of product if necessary.



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