Spicy Earth- 4oz Bath Bomb

Spicy Earth- 4oz Bath Bomb


Feel grounded and energized anytime with this unique aromatic blend.

Pairs wonderfully with Chia Fresca or Peppermint Bark bath bar  

  • Product description

    Turmeric Ginger Citrus scent

    Pairs wonderfully with Chia Fresca or Peppermint Bark bath bar

    Transform your bathroom into a spa like atmosphere of luxury and opulence. Our super fragrant bath bombs pamper and soothe your skin leaving it soft, supple, and silky. Allow this aromatherapy to help you to unwind, recharge, and feel rejuvenated.

    Ingredients: Baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, kaolin clay, citric acid, ground ginger, mica colorant, sunflower oil, turmeric power, ground carrot, witch hazel, natural dried flowers, essential oil blend for fragrance

    Directions: Draw a bath and drop bomb into filled tub.

    Free from Phthalates, Dyes, Artificial Fragrance, PEGs & Parabens. Animal-friendly.

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    1 for $5

    4 for $15

    6 for $25

    8 for $30 (BEST DEAL!!)

  • Mental Health is Ultimate Wealth!

    How we differ...

    · Hand Crafted

    · No toxic chemicals

    · No synthetic dyes or fragrances

    · Detoxifying clays and salts

    · Moisture rich oils for soft, smooth skin

    · Calming and energizing oils to relax your mind and body