The Healthy Hair Journey

The Healthy Hair Journey


1-2oz Natural Growth and Strength Oil

1- 2oz No.21 Follicle Booster

1- Ginger 5 Moisturizer

1- Flaxseed Strengthening Gel

1-Thirst Quenching Hair Silk 


Combat dry and damaged hair on this journey to moisturized and growing hair!

  • Stop breakage
  • No more dry brittle hair
  • Grow healthy and strong hairs


  • Product Description

    Stimulate, invigorate, and deeply moisturize hair with Ginger 5 Conditioner! Use as a vitamin rich daily leave in, or a super satisfying deep conditioning treatment. Regular use will promote hair that is nourished and strong!

    • Softer
    • Shiner
    • Manageable
    • Hydrated

    Directions: Divide hair into four sections and apply a nickel to quarter size amount to each section from roots to tips. Amount of product varies by length of hair. Style as usual. For deep conditioning, cover hair with plastic processing cap for 30-40 mins. Rinse and style as usual.

    Thirst Quenching Hair Silk is armed with the deep penetrating power of avocado and the smoothing power of argan oil. This cream will help ease the frizz and leave your hair feeling ultra moisturized. This hair silk is perfect for

    • Locs
    • Twisted style
    • Braided style
    • Blowouts
    • Everyday wash and go

    Directions: May be used on wet or dry hair. Warm in palms and distribute through hair from roots to tips. Style as normal. For twists out styles- apply a half dollar amount to the entire head, then section and twist. Note: Using too much of the product may leave a residue.

    Flaxseed Strengthening Gel

    This powerhouse styling gel is perfect for the everyday wash and go, sleek styles, twists, and twist out styles.

    • Holding power that leaves your hair nourished and shiny (not crunchy and flaky)
    • Awesome curl and coil definition
    • Hydrating and Rich in Omega 3s
    • Mixes well with many natural oils and leave in conditioners

    Directions: Can be used on wet or dry hair. For curly styles: Apply enough product to coat the hair, but not saturate, and rake through with fingers. For twists -section hair and apply a quarter size to hydrated hair prior to twisting. For super hydration, apply a small amount of Ella Eloise Natural's Thirst Quenching Hair Silk to each section prior to applying the gel for super moisture and control.